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Truck Cartel

Truck cartel

Visa/MasterCard interchange fee


Since 2007, the EU Commission has in several decisions stated that the interchange fees of the major credit card companies VISA and Mastercard are in violation with anti-trust law and are excessive. LitFin represents the claims of numerous damaged dealers from Germany, Austria and Eastern Europe and has filed lawsuits worth over EUR 200 million in Belgium. LitFin is represented by the antitrust law experts from the law firm Deprevernet Avocats in Brussels.

Google Shopping


In 2017, the EU Commission fined Google 2.42 billion EUR for abuse of power in the Google Shopping service. LitFin represents the claims of several large shopping portals from several EU member states, which have been significantly damaged by these anti-trust practices. The claims for compensation currently amount to over EUR 95 million. LitFin works closely with the associations of the damaged companies.

Forex Cartel, and other cartel cases


LitFin represents the claims of victims in numerous other antitrust cases, e.g. B. against the so-called forex cartel of five major banks or against the well-known travel portal Overall, this involves claims for damages of over EUR 600 million.



In June 2020, Wirecard AG, listed on the German DAX, had to admit that there is an overwhelming probability that alleged bank balances on trust accounts of EUR 1.9 billion do not exist. Within a few days, the wirecard share lost more than 90% of its value. Wirecard filed for bankruptcy. The auditors at Ernst & Young GmbH had issued unqualified audit certificates to the company until 2018, despite repeated signs of irregularities.The "Wirecard" case is one of the biggest financial scandals in Germany of all times. LitFin helps injured investors enforce their claims for damages against EY (and other responsible parties) by financing a group action.
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Combined claim value
approx. EUR 1.3 billion