Our funding process consists of four simple steps.


Initial assessment
After signing a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), we listen to our customers and look at the documents. On this basis, we evaluate the case. We usually also instruct external experts to review the chances of success, the expected costs and the duration of the proceedings. If the case does not meet our investment criteria, we will promptly inform the interested party.
Indicative offer
If our investment criteria are met, we issue a term sheet with an indicative offer. In order to conduct further due diligence and to commit additional financial and human resources to a comprehensive assessment of the case, we enter into an exclusivity agreement with the potential client. All costs are borne by us.



Investment committee
The investment committee reviews the case presented and makes a final decision on our intention to fund the case.
Investment stage
After approval, we enter into a funding agreement with the client. From this moment on, we will assume all costs of legal enforcement. Our experienced case managers regularly monitor the progress of the case. Our legal team continuously assesses the risks and provides expertise and support when needed.