Retain loyal clients and invest in growth with us.

Law firms master law, we are experts in finance. Clients tend to dislike an open-ended hourly fee structure, and prefer to postpone their payments until some time later ideally until the successfull completion of the claim. Law firms are sometimes unable to fully finance their clients due to their own cash-flow limitations.  

LitFin provides vital finance to leading law firms that wish to invest in their growth; take on more new cases with a competitive edge on fee structure; retain loyal clients; get certainty on fees they invoice; improve flexibility when agreeing fees with their clients; share with us the risk of contingency and deferred payment fee arrangements or acquire new medium to high value clients through our marketing campaigns.

Our tailored financial solutions for law firms are offered as a single case or portfolio of cases funding.

Our service is particularly sought by Insolvency practitioners since our solutions fund financial recoveries for creditors when there is no one else and no money to do so.