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Only some clients require finance, but all acquire a dependable litigation partner.

It is a common mistake to believe that litigation finance is only for insolvent clients or those with cash-flow hardships. That is incorrect. In some circumstances, our clients ask us to fund as little as 10% of the legal costs. Unlike our clients, we are experts on the litigation market and we can effectively advise on the most suitable legal teams and provide a comprehensive support on case management. This service is capable of saving a significant portion of litigation costs, decrease the length of the process and ultimately may be crucial to winning or losing the claim. As with no one else, you can rest assured that we are always on your side as our interests to win the claim are fully aligned with yours because we keep our 'skin in the game'.   

We are experts in financing medium to high value legal disputes ranging from commercial disputes and arbitrations, group litigation/class action claims to prominent employment and family law cases. Our fundamental goal is to provide our clients with financial solutions that reduce risk and assist in maximising claim value. LitFin is able to provide funding for any type of litigation that has a monetary value, in any CEE jurisdiction and at any stage of the litigation process. 

All our clients are unique and we always tailor our financial solutions around their needs. It is truly impossible to describe our typical client as the portfolio ranges from individuals with highly prominent family or employment matter; group litigants/class action claimants; SMEs with cash-flow hardships;  leading businesses seeking to improve their EBITDA and to mitigate litigation risks; insolvency practitioners with meritorious claims that has no one to finance; to the leading law firms that seek to serve better their current clients and invest in growth.

Regardless of your background, if circumstances surrounding your claim pass our basic investment criteria, partnership with LitFin provides you with several benefits.

Our portfolio of services is tailored to  fully cover  the financial needs of claimants and law firms.