LitFin litigation funding offers our clients a number of advantages:
Higher chances of success III:
We are firmly convinced that the case is only as good as the lawyer who advocates it. That is why we have well-proven relationships with outstanding litigators in each EU member state as well as - where necessary for the success of claim recovery - renowned economists and other experts.
Favorable accounting:
Due to the financing, the (predicted) costs of claim enforcement do not have to be recorded in the balance sheet. The EBITDA and the operating result therefore improve immediately and the reliability of the business forecast is enhanced.
Risk assumption:
By assuming the costs for the assessment, preparation and enforcement of our clients’ claims - regardless of the outcome of the procedure - our clients do not bear any cost risks. In specific cases, a partial assumption of costs and risks can also be agreed.
Effective enforcement:
The individual enforcement of lower value claims is often not economically viable. Therefore, we bundle those claims in group or class actions to enable the clients to enforce them effectively.
Our clients can use the liquidity which otherwise would be tied up in the legal proceedings for other purposes that further their business development.
Higher chances of success II:
We have a strong knowledge of the process environment. We monitor legislative developments, judgments and arbitration judgments on a daily basis and compare the success rate of different enforcement strategies in different legal systems in the EU and in the various courts of the individual EU member states. On this basis, we select the most promising enforcement strategy for each specific case.
Higher chances of success I:
We use our financial resources and expertise to counterbalance the clout of often large and powerful opponents. We can provide the financial means to be successful even in such cases. The very presence of an experienced litigation financier like LitFin on our clients’ side sends a strong message and thus by itself significantly improves the chances of claim recovery.
1. Risk assumption
2. Liquidity
3. Favorable accounting
​4. Higher chances of success I
5. Higher chances of success II
6. Higher chances of success III
7. Effective enforcement

Benefits to corporates & individuals