We deliver tailored funding solutions to our partners.

Based on highest levels of trust and integrity, we work to deliver innovative and tailored solutions to maximize benefits to our clients.

LitFin is a complex litigation funder with the particular focus on competition law cases worth over EUR 10m. It has clients and partners across ten European countries with specialization on the UK, Germany, Belgium, the Czech republic and Slovakia. And we keep growing. LitFin operates as a private alternative investment fund (cap of EUR 100m), which is registered with Czech National Bank in Prague. Geographically, the business is split to 'western Europe' that is managed from the UK and 'eastern Europe', that is managed from the Czech Republic. LitFin currently funds claims worth circa EUR 1.3 bn across Europe.


We offer companies and individuals tailor-made financing and case management services. Our portfolio includes the financing and management of the enforcement of medium and high value claims for our clients either in individual proceedings or in the form of group proceedings or class actions.


We see ourselves as a partner to our clients: transparency, trust and reliability are our top priorities.


With our experienced team of legal and economic experts, we not only provide the financing, but also bring extensive expertise to the projects we manage. In addition, we have a strong network of outstanding litigation law firms and renowned economists that support us in the assessment, preparation and, if necessary, judicial enforcement of our clients’ claims.

We are therefore the ultimate definition of the Litigation Finance industry in the region - LitFin.

Funding process